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Event Horizon

A simple bullet-hell vertical scrolling game, featuring the ability to slow time

Made for a first-year game dev course submission



In 0.99c you play a ship fleeing from an explosion with crew members and passengers on board. You will have to make choices to keep your crew alive!

Explore a randomly generated star system as you try and escape an exploding star. You will have to sacrifice people on your journey though the perils of space.

Your goal is to get to the final node in the system and escape.

Made as part of a group for Ludum Dare 43 Game Jam


Link: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/43/0-99c

Space Slam

Slam your opponent out of an arena in this  split-screen multiplayer game

Play against a friend or the computer in 4 different arenas!

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